Thursday, November 14

The Art of the Thank You 3: How to Write a Short Note

Thanks for riding this ride with me - notice you can be any height and age to come along on this journey!

Now we know why we should add some gratitude to our lives, let us look at the practical writing of a thank you note.  Everybody who stops by here has a different writing style and I am no queen bee of grammar!  No, no  - double negatives and tangents galore pepper my letters!  But almost all the sources I have checked out agree that brevity (get to the point already!) and a focused statements make a bigger impact than rambling.  Even if you have a huge space to write on and your hand writing is tiny, do not write a marathon!!!  Blank space helps the impact of what you have to say and lets face it, in this techno savvy multitasking global society we live in, brevity holds that moment longer than a note sloshing with too many words!

Here's the formula most agree upon:

1) Say Hello
2) State what it is you are thankful for
3) State how the item or action affects you (briefly!)
4) Mention the future
5) Thank them again
6) Sign it

Simple enough? It really is! 
I'll try to post some I wrote soon.

If you'd like to read more, check out this cute article.

Thank you for reading this, you are my motivation to continue blogging!

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