Monday, November 4

Make Something Monday: Brad Booklets

Hello All!   Sorry it's a late post, but better late than never or so the saying goes! 
This project started with me finding a cheap set of brads and wondering what I could do with them. Well I was leafing through one of my craft books when I saw a project similar to this one.  Mine is actually a simplified version of this mini book.
Grab cardstock, thinner paper of a few varieties, a small punch or blade, a bone folder, brads, a cutting matt, and a paper cutter.

 For simplicity, grab a sheet of cardstock in the standard 8 by 11.5 inch  (notebook) size and split on the short axis.
 Fold this in half and then fold the top again with 1/2 to 3/4 inch margin, depending on the size of the brads.
 Cut you random sheets down to 1/4 of the page or 4.25 by 5.5 inches
 Stuff the pages in the book and poke the Exacto knife through it.  I did this first one in the wrong direction.  Look which way your brads unfold before poking through.
 Here's one I rounded the edges on and did 3 brads.  The other one had 2 brads and was square. 
 Here's it open with the pages.
And here is a semi-competed version.  Obviously I will fancy it up more before sending it, but it turned out really nice!  Great for a letter or a gift and it only took 10 minutes!
Have fun and you an do it!

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  1. Nice! This came out really great. I have some brads in my stash, but have never been a "brad user." Thank you for giving me a project I can use them on!