Thursday, November 7

Everything is Connected

The title of this blog post is the title of a postcard book by Keri Smith.  On her site there is a video showing a postcard project.  Please look at it! 
Really don't read any further till you take a peek!  It's less than a minute. I promise I'll wait . . .
Did you look? 

Well Ciara and I decided to recreate the project and here is our first postcard done.  It was all her brilliant idea!
 We attached stickers like bumper stickers to show the crossing.  The red, blue, and white was some of my homemade washi tape.
Sent on 2 round trips from the California coast to far east Pennsylvania.  I am about ten minutes from crossing into New Jersey, so almost coast to coast.

Hope that inspires a round robin or two to pop up!