Thursday, June 27

Recent Incoming

Hello!  I have to say it wasn't much of a birthday week.  I did take some time to paint and play on my birthday, although I wish I had more time to do that routinely!  But I guess it would not be as special then, or would it?

 Postcrossing from Finland, sorry about the lighting, I just couldn't get these to turn out quite the way I wanted.
 Postcrossing from Taiwan
 A tasty Postcrossing!
 Postcrossing from the Ukraine
 Postcrossing from Hong Kong
 Postcrossing from Belarus
 Postcrossing from Hong Kong
 These are birthday cards!  These 2 are from work.

 A letter from Kati - we love cats
 A letter from Nancy - it's an Ozzie dog!
 A nice sentiment from JS
 A letter from LR with some springy stationery
 A new sendsomething friend that I swap with.
 I long letter from Giselle
 Sexy Cowgirl stationery from TMC
 A postcrossing from Latvia
 A postcrossing from the USA via China
 A postcrossing from Belarus showing a state building
 A nice collage from the Piccadilly Post.  She has been channeling her energies into collage recently.
 A nice letter from MH.
 Ciara at Scoutaroo writes a long letter and I think her stationery is still up for sale at her Etsy shop.
 A bundle from Miss Hannah
 Two more birthday cards from a friend and family!
That's all for now.  I hope to be back soon with something more!  Hopefully life calms a bit.

My Best!


  1. I like to see all what you receive. It shows so many different things from many countries!

    1. Thanks Malyss and you contribute to it!

  2. I see my letter. :) I always love reading others incoming and outgoing mail posts. :)