Sunday, June 9

Make Something Monday: Be a Film Star

Hello all!
If you remember, a few weeks ago I went north to the Adirondack Mountain to visit some friends.  While I was there we decided it was too wet and cold to do much outdoors, so we opted to head to the local movie theatre for the latest Star Trek which lead to a whole Star Wars/ Star Trek debate, but I digress.

While at the show I heard that Hollywood is requiring everybody to switch to digital regardless of the size of the theatre.  In rural areas, the movie theatres are a great escape during the winter.  Unfortunately the switch comes at a huge cost and may make many of the small independent theatres go under. Check here for more info.
Sorry about the food stains, things happen when there are piles on the kitchen table.

The Strand Theatre we were at was selling off its old film rolls of trailers.  I snagged Cats Vs Dogs 2 and AstroBoy.  I am pretty sure if you want film, you could write to the group and ask. At $3 a roll it was very reasonable.  I figured that would give me enough materials for a long time to come and I felt like I was donating a bit more to the cause.  Here's a link to their main web site in case you want to contact them to purchase some film of your own.  P.S. They also had movie posters for sale, but I had no chance to browse them and they aren't my thing, but maybe they are yours?!

I attempted 2 ways of using it.

First a see through postcard.
I punched a square hole in the top of an index card and found an image I wanted to peak through.  Sorry no pic of the punch.  I thought I took one . . .
 This shows me gluing the strip down.  The glue runner works best for this.  I glued a second thin sheet of paper to the back of the first.  I liked it so - so.
 I then punched 2 holes through 2 pieces of index cards and aligned the images I wanted.
 Here's the pieces glued together.  Unfortunately I could not come up with anything catchy so this ended this card, but I think I may write my friend with 2 toddlers a note on it.  And yes that is a cat in a rabbit suit on the bottom.
For the other single punch, I came up with this busy collaged card.

Secondly I borrowed this idea from Tara at Hello Life.
I just used strips to enhance a collaged envelope.

Unfortunately I didn't have much luck thinking of other uses today, but I am going to keep the see through thing in mind. 

Good luck and keep creating!

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  1. Thanks for the info about the "Go Digital or Go Dark" campaign. I had no idea!