Sunday, June 2

Adirondack Visit and an Announcement

Hello all,
Can I be honest here?  I have been back to home over the last week.  My trip to the mountains was short, but I enjoyed taking some time off from blogging.  I also honestly think I may have to go down to only 2 posts a week over the summer.  Why you ask. Well, (taking a big breathe before blurting):  gardening, preserving the goods, cleaning, yard work, house maintenance, working on my artsy projects, traveling, longer work hours, and enjoying the patio on the cooler nights.

With all that said, I also know the views go down during the summer for many of the same reasons listed above, so you won't mind will you???

Anyway photos of the trip and some exciting news.
 This is where we spent most of our trip.  It was cold up there!  Some of the higher elevations got several inches of snow and our cabin was not winterized.
 The old train!  We were going to hop a ride but no Internet and limited phone service meant our best guess at departure was off by 15 minutes.  Oh well!  PA has many trains, so I will have the opportunity again.  P.S.  Their postcards were cheap!
 The cabin tucked on the side of the mountain and below is the lake it looks over.
 My best companion, Sparky surprisingly enjoying the dock!  He hates the water, but he was happy to sniff every square inch of the dock.
And finally the great news, my best bud is engaged.  Her man waited till the day I left to pop the question!  I love this pic of the 2 of them goofing off.  This was our last visit before she moves to take a 1yr education course in Oklahoma. 

I hope this finds you all well and happy!  I will get back to posting the mail.  I wrote so many letters by the fire, that I only left with 2 that still needed a reply!  And I did a lot of collaging and mail art.  Good friends let you do what makes you happy while visiting with them!

Here, here to friends and mail!


  1. I got your pC, Thank you! Now I know where it has been written! :o) Congrats to your friends! I understand that you'll blog less, I'll do the same; No problem;Enjoy your time! And watch the mail box!

  2. Hi Becky! Looks like you and Sparky had a great time! I understand totally about the posting....look at me, I'm down to one a week.....Stupid yard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!