Saturday, June 8

So Much to See

Hello folks!
How is the season treating you?  I have been very busy with travel, but travel also provides moments for writing.  Over the next few posts I will try to get caught up with the incoming mail.  Partly to get the big pile filed away and no, I have no real filing system.  I throw everything into a beautiful box!  But I currently have a great memory, so at least I know which box to reference for a letter.

 From Melissa at Craftgasm
 From Emilie at Wiinie's Girl.  I believe it to be very sensible
 Jeanne and I have been writing for awhile.  She likes to make colored copies of her works and write letters on the back.
 Above and below are fun letters from TMC. Along with a mini zine already for embellishment.

 A collaged postcard from KDJ an IUOMA member.  She was encouraging me to join but I've been a hold out mostly due to a lack of time.
 A great letter from Malyss.  She hoped I could use it as decorative : )
 Cheap stickers?? Actually the back is a letter from Patricia at Letter Rip.  You too can send stickers without an envelope if you want!  This is the third set I have received.
 Daniel DJ sent me these high color postcards.
 A Matthew special.  If you know him, wish him a happy birthday!
 A great package and shoe from Jean.  It is really nice people share so much, when I only need a letter in reply.
 A postcrossing from China.  I had some difficulty taking it, but it was a beautiful foggy morning in a smaller city.
 A tourist card from a Taiwan postcrossing
 These are not burgers folks.  The postcrosser said they were some kind of Chinese dish, similar to a hamburger. Maybe the Hamburglar needs a girl friend?  What do you say McDonalds?
 A Taiwan postcrossing
A nice note sent in a clear envelope sent from a friend, not to far away.
That's all for today, much more coming and soon!
May your mailbox be full of correspondence!


  1. What I love is the incredible diversity and variety of what you receive !So many ideas to make cards all over the world!

  2. super! I'm glad it arrived. Have fun with it!