Thursday, June 20

Recycled Bookmark

I love recycling.  Nothing gets me as happy as taking trash and making it into treasures.  This project isn't mail, but it is meant to be mailed away to a pen friend.
I figure that I actually have tons of ideas for mail posts, that I could include this bonus instead of using it for a MSM project. 

For this you need part of a thin box.  I used a cardboard tag from a rug I bought. (see the Promenade next to the gesso?)

I ended up covering it in gesso because I thought I was going to paint it.  The gesso probably still helped the adhesive stick better as one side of this was slick.
I chose the inside of a security envelope to cover it.
Here's it cover and the ends trimmed.
The tough but fun part was sorting through the old postage stamps.  I had purchased a bag of foreign stamps from the gift shop at the National Postal Museum, but you could use stamps from mail received.  There are several YouTube videos on how to get them off mail.
WARNING: Look away if you are a stamp collector.
I used decoupage glue to adhere the stamps to the bookmark base.  But before that!  I punched my hole for the ribbon.
The finished project.  I used some International airmail stickers off the mail I received on the back.

Simple, quick and makes a great gift!  Plus you can customize to the person you want.

Happy creating!


  1. Really pretty, I often use stamps I got from envelopes as decoration.

  2. Here's a project that doesn't intimidate me! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I try to pick projects that shouldn't be too hard. Maybe my presentation of them makes them look harder than they are??! Perception is everything.

  3. What a fabulous, yet simple idea! A i like collecting bookmarks, I'll try to make those. Easy enough for me (I hope!)
    Happy summer, dearest Becky!

  4. No, it's not you--it's me! I like trying to be crafty but am not particularly good at it :p I loved your earlier post of putting two envelopes together to make a little folder. I'm planning on trying that one soon!