Monday, July 1

MSM- Collage Postcards

This last weekend I decided to work through some projects out of the Collage Workbook.  I do not consider myself overtly proficient in this area, so i thought it would be fun and a nice challenge!  Plowman hosts a blog called Collage a Day that I linked to the left in my blogroll.

Instead of a how-to, I will give the Project and materials I used.
Below are the 5 minute collage challenge
Above: collage of images from my 365 Ireland calendar.
Titled: Windows and made from security envelopes and a paint advertisement.
Titled: Security and used the Ninja image and security envelopes.
Titled: Questioning Weight from ads, grocery list and pre punched bits I had laying around.
Titled: Too Much TV and Processed Foods Kill form a can label, HBO listings, security envelope and a playing card.
Below is the all White Project
No real title.  I didn't like this as well since i lack vintage papers to pull it off.
Try a collage today!  I will show you somw more attempts as I get along!

Happy creating!

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  1. Fun stuff! I took a break to make a few beach-themed greeting cards. I love the "Meow-vie" card you sent me!