Tuesday, June 11

So Much to See part 2

Hello, hello!
You can see I have been a busy girl writing every body back!  My stack is down to 4 letters to reply to! Yay!
 Postcrossing from the Ukraine.
 Postcrossing from the USA.  I really enjoyed this card!
 A nice hand made card from Anne.  I'll be seeing her this fall when we get the annual letter writing social together.
 A free card that was recycled into mail from a new pen friend on sendsomething.net
 Jarielyn writes on some eighties kitten stationery!  Mark Twain had several quotes about cats in his writings. I liked this one best. "One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives."
 A thoughtful knitted wash cloth from MC.
 JD is moving.  Anybody into non GMO foods?  I can forward the list to boycott.  It's very eye opening.
 Another great note from Malyss.  Look at the beautiful French Riveria!
 A postcrossing surprise - a magnet from Amsterdam.  The sender was hoping to trade, so I popped one in the mail for her.
 A great Stamp Tramps hand made card.
 From Troy.  He usually only writes on paper made for fountain pens, but this was a nice departure.
 A postcrossing from Japan.
 A send something reply, only I couldn't decipher the name  . . .
A Polish postcrossing.  It was very nice despite my cameras inability to capture it.

Will I have enough for a third post???  Wait and see.

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