Sunday, June 16

Make Something Monday: Using the Extra Envelopes

Hello all!
I hope this season is treating you well and I thank you to all those patiently checking in on this blog.  I haven't regretted going down to twice weekly posting.  Now blogging feels like less of a chore and I feel like my creativity has been allowed to expand.  With that said, here's an old idea and a new idea for repurposing those ugly extra envelopes.

First the new idea.  Pockets from old envelopes.
 First, eat some candy with a foil wrapper.  This isn't required but fun!
 Take the foil wrapper and wrap and glue it around one of your ugly envelopes.  SEAL the envelope shut first!  That's right, don't worry it'll work out.   A word about glue - use a glue stick or glue/tape roller only.  These are thin materials and with tear and warp with a wet glue.
Cut the end off of the envelope on one end only and the excess paper.  Do not worry if the material does not wrap all the way around because you are sticking this to something and that will be your back.
 Use a circle or oval punch to create the opening to the pocket.
 This is what the pockets should look like when done.  I used left over tissue paper for the green pockets.  Now how to use them.  You could put them in a slam, smash, or scrapbooks or you could make a letter.
 Take an 8.5 x 11inch piece of cardstock and fold in half.
 I put the two pockets alternating each other and decorated the interior with stickers and paper.  One pocket to hold the letter and one to hold the goodies you send.
I did something similar here but I used a red stamp to crackle these pockets by rubbing the envelope over the ink pad.  I saw this technique used with wax paper and an ink pad for a crackle finish.
To send, use washi tape to close the other 3 sides.  You will need extra postage just based on the size, and watch the weight!  But envision your recipient opening this and seeing all your hard work.

Second old idea, but good for using envelopes is the envelope book.
 Slide 2 envelopes together and glue the flaps together.
Then decorate the interior.  To send do the same with the washi to this as you did to the above letter.  Both are really fun ways to use scrap.
Have fun!

Hope this finds you all well and happy!


  1. Both ideas are really cool. I think I might try the 2nd idea. I have so many extra envelopes--this is great!

    1. Thanks Cindy for all the comments! They let me know somebody is reading this : )