Sunday, June 2

Make Something Monday: Postcard Double Duty

Hello, Hello! 
I kind of skipped last Monday's Make Something post.  I literally blame it on the traffic.  I-80 was a parking lot and added 2 hours to my return trip that I was not anticipating.  I was hoping to use those hours to do some random projects.  Anyway, let us move forward and I will post the 2 ideas I had last week on this post instead.

Firstly I want to apologize for a lack of pictures on this first part.  I wanted to do this technique I had seen where you use crayons to color the background. 
1) Color it heavily so that the paint does not adhere to the paper.

2) Paint over it in a solid color.  Black is the most commonly used hue.

3) And then scratch out designs.

I did not really enjoy this project.  The paint did not scratch off well and was very messy.  The colors were not as vibrant as I had wanted, but I used recycled chipboard instead of white. I ended up with a few postcards that turned out so-so.  None I was particularly fond of.  Try it and tell me how it worked for you.

Second project:  Chalkboard Postcards
I used the same scrap cardboard and painted it with an acrylic.
I followed the instructions for the chalkboard additive which required 2 coats.

Let dry and then use chalk to write on it.

These were a lot of fun!  I enjoy chalk work and hope to make more in the future!

Both projects should be finished with a clear gloss or matte sealer before mailing.

Consider making some today!

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  1. ooo... chalk postcards! I've never thought of that! I love the colours of the flowered ones you did. Very creative, B!