Monday, June 24

Make Something Monday- Make Your Own Washi Tape

Hello, hello!
This is not going to be my usual post, mostly because it's my birthday, and I have been stuck at work much much longer than anticipated.  So I have posted a video of the project that I did and when I can I will add the pictures of the washi like tape that I made and answer any questions you might have about the experience. 

I would make washi tape again if I had a creative project that screamed for something unique.  I would not hesitate to use acrylics, ink or sharpie but I do not expect the watercolors would work well. 

Off for a late supper to celebrate me!


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    1. Thanks! It wasn't one for the books, but I am here

  2. Happy Happy birthday. I hope it was a good one.

  3. Haha, mine was june,16th! happy belated birthday, dear Becky!