Wednesday, June 12

So Much to See Part 3

Ahh I did have enough for a third post!  Here's the rest of the inbox for awhile.

 A postcrossing from the USA.  Yummy
 A weird Postcrossing from Russia.  She got the card in the Ukraine, still  . . .
 A German Postcrossing of traditional boats.
 A nice view of a Taiwan city.
 A nice stash of this and that from NB.  I am sure she is very busy in her allotment.
 A surprise Postcrossing full of bits of paper from Poland.  It took 2 months to arrive.
 A cabin by a lake, been there and done that in the last month, and like to be reminded of it as often I can be.  Postcrossing from Germany
 A Postcrossing from Spain of ??? not Spain, but still pretty.
 A postcrossing from ME!  I only need a few states now.  And 2 of the missing states I should get from my friend moving to OK.
 A very sweet postcard from Great Britain.  Clotted cream and raspberry jam on scones with English tea.  She advises only eat one scone as two are too much!
 A postcrossing from Russia of traditional folk art.  I used to paint in that style, I have moved on to something else, but still this reminds me fondly of toleware.
A nice card and newsprint envelope from the Wolfster, may her travels be terrific on her walk about!

That should catch me up for awhile.  Thank you to all who contributed to my mail box!  May yours be as full and happy,

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  1. Ooh, I love that British one of tea! So cute :)