Wednesday, May 1

More Mail

 There are lots of postcards in this post.  I seem to have more than a few pen friends who like to exchange these best!  Plus I am up to sending 17 cards at a time through Postcrossing, which gives me a colorful mailbox.

A card from Russia.  I am pretty sure it was a free card, but I am okay with that!
 A postcrossing from Germany.  Hopefully we will be seeing new hatches soon as Spring advances!
A postcrossing from the USA
A wish for Spring from Belarus - postcrossing
 This is actually a US postcrossing from a Ukrainian ex-pat
 St. Petersburg - the beautiful architecture!
 A German Postcrossing
 A letter from Wolfey on this great vintage stationery that beckons flowers to grow.
  Thanks Cindy for the addition to the states collection!
 A postcard from Donna from the Titanic exhibit.
 A postcrossing from the Netherlands.  This is actually a card, but I am okay with whatever people send me.
A happy little Easter card from me friend Bre!  One of those friends that rarely writes so you know it took great effort.
 A note from TMC on stationery by Ciara (Scoutaroo Paper Company).  Funny to see one pen pal using another Etsy stationery.
 A private swap from Postcrossing.  I traded a few map cards for this one which I was glad to do!  I only have AL, ID, KY, LA, ME, MO, NE, OK  left to collect!

Hope that helps tide you over till Monday and when you can get your own mail!


  1. Those are very nice cards! We had no mail today, it's Labour day (or Dag van de arbeid in Dutch) here.

  2. Glad I could help ;) Only wish I had more states to contribute!

  3. I still have never seen a Nevada state map card here in Nevada. Is it a vintage card or is it modern? As always, love to see your mail.

  4. That is the coolest Nevada mapcard I have seen!

  5. Not vintage. The sender is from up closer to the Reno area, so maybe that is the reason its new to my NV friends from the south part?