Monday, May 6

Make Something Monday- Zig Zag Fold

Hello all!  I figured I would try to use the Make Something series to do a few projects I had tagged out in several craft books over the years.  This project comes from a book I snagged out of book sale on orgami type cards.  For a most part, I am not super happy with many of the projects, so after I do a few of these, it may go into a book donation for scholarships that I help with.

Above and below are the book and the project for today.  Sorry about the lighting but I was outside enjoying the amazing weather while I worked.  As far as the book, this is one of the easier projects and it made sense to me. 

 I recommend you use a cutting board, cutting guide, and circular cutter if you are going to make the original long fold like in the book.  The paper is a roll I got in the painting section at Lowe's.  The book's measurements were 7 inches down to 3 inches over a 20 inch span.  My paper was 9 inches so I cut down to 4.5 inches at a slant.  See below.

 Basically you accordion fold these.  I used the washi for visual interest.  The first one I folded from short to tall and the second from tall to short.  The book recommended a 4 inch fold.  I stuck with that since I think these will fit into the standard business envelope.  But you could definitely adjust the size and fold to what you desire.
 The first is to the left and the back is funky because I am terrible at getting exactly 4 inches on a fold.  It definitely looks funky.  The second I started from the back and went forward.  That on looks a lot better even though the folds are far from perfect.
 I decided to do a 3 fold using cheap, thin scrapbooking 12 x 12 paper.  I used half a sheet.  Remember, the thick beautiful scrapbook paper doesn't fold well so DO NOT USE IT for these type of projects.  You will have remorse over the destruction of it.
 This time I got smarter and taped the bottom edge down with washi since part of the issue with folding was the page sliding back and forth.
 Smaller, but it is still visually pleasing.  I then reused the piece of washi across the back middle fold.
This was an interesting project.   Once I use one of these pieces for a letter I will have a better opinion on how much I will utilize the project.

With that, happy creating!


  1. Looking at it now, I bet you could make these folds into pockets, so stash pocket envelopes in the folds for a surprise. I liked the simplicity of them.

  2. I love oragami...I lived in Japan for 3 years as a child...what a great idea for a letter! I like the visual appeal. BTW, I really enjoy your projects...I have taught letter writing classes to teenaged girls at a girls camp...they love these type of ideas. Your projects would also be nice for a letter writing social.