Friday, May 10

Mailbag - Role Call

Some more pics of mail while I am on the road.  Enjoy!

Postcrossing from Belarus
A vintage Postcrossing from Canada
A multi view from Germany
A card to color?  A USA Postcrossing
A postcrossing from Germany
Original art from Taiwan  - postcrossing
A postcrossing from Poland
Love the traditional Polish artwork!  A postcrossing
Mickey is a lucky dog living in the Netherlands - a postcrossing
A postcrossing from Great Britain with a Dr. Who stamp that I forgot to showcase, but awesome nonetheless.
A taste of Austria from Poland postcrossing.
2 letters from Ciara.  Above is a fold up with a central envelope that contained a note!  Nice!  Below is an original Ciara drawing.  I loved it and requested a letter be written on it.  Unfortunately the camera washed these 2 out a bit, but I hope you can still enjot them.

Above is an awesome postcrossing from China where she sent a bundle of magazine articles for me to get a glimpse of the English speaking perspective on the Chinese culture!
Happy Mailing,


  1. Of all the colourful mail you received, I love the vintage card the most. Funny to see Bruges on a card from Canada. ^^

  2. What a collection you must have! do you keep them by country, by people ?..