Monday, May 20

The Mail IN the BOX

It's that time again!  The time to view my incoming mail.  These last few months have not been overly conducive to writing, but somehow I am working my way through.  At least with all the recent travel I have good stories and interesting postcards to share!

 A great postcard from the Piccadilly Post!
 My long time friend Shana sent me this PC from a recent trip.
 A fun Finnish postcrossing
 Craftgasm spotted in HI.  A free art card - I always like student art work postcards.
 A letter from LR.  Our Project Runway season is over for awhile.
 Above and below are from the fabulous Ciara over at Scoutaroo (look left to blogs).  She stayed here for a night on her cross country travels and saw my crazy tin collection.  I do not encourage folks to send the, to me but she did good!

 Above is a not from the great Jen!  A friend I have known for awhile.
 From one of my biggest fans and good friends, Breezie Kay!  Apparently if you neglect writing your friends, they send letters out in search of you.
Above and below are notes from my very long time friend Alison and her son Alex.  She said nobody bought all her Grandmothers vintage stationery.  I like the colors on both!

 A note from the PostMuse.  Spring has sprung in PA.
 AB sent me a great package of this and that for re-use.  Check her out at her blog.
 Tara hit the road!  I hope we hear from her soon!  Happy and safe travels my friend.
 A surprise package from Georgette.  I love, love, love the vintage shoe!  Also all the other goodies are being coveted.
 A joyful postcard from Emilie at Winnie's Girl (see left)
And finally a great postcrossing from Germany complete with a castle stamp on the back as an extra for me.

Thanks for the views!

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  1. Ooh, I love the card with the little puppy and birdie. Too cute! And the vintage cards/stationery are fun :)