Sunday, May 19

Make Something Monday - Free Form Postcards

Hello all! 
I hope everybody is having a great Spring.  I know mine has been busy and will be for awhile longer.  Unfortunately that means less posts for you, but more fun for me!

Anyway this week is not going to be a tutorial.  Sorry, I needed to make a bunch of postcards so here is the fruits of my labor.  I busted out the paints and Modge Podge to get a feel for mixed media.
 Above is junk mail and monster stickers
 Above and below are patched leftover paper and Hello in 2 forms.

 Above and below are painted and glued paper strips with an ad I torn apart to make two different cards.
Pull out the crafty bits and make something yourself!


  1. I like your recycling idea and have passed it along on Letter Matters. Thanks for being inspirational!

  2. I had the good luck to receive one of these beautiful cards ;) Thanks a lot, Becky!