Wednesday, May 8

On the Inbox

I am going to be traveling this weekend and I thought I would try to get some of the inbox images up for your viewing pleasure.
 A postcard from Tara at Hello Life.  Her life is taking her back West again!  Safe travels friend.
 A day at the nude beach - postcrossing from Sweden
 A check in postcard from Miss Millie
 Postcrossing from Germany
 A postcard from Ciara showcasing some interesting artwork!
 Postcrossing from the Czech Republic
 Postcrossing from the Spain/ France border
 Postcrssoing from Russia.  Actually a repeat but still nice.
 Beautiful cat car and stickers from KC.
Postcrossing from Germany - No translation
 Letter from Kati in Finland
 Letter from Hannah
 TMC and some awesome old stationery
Postcrossing from Finland.  Glad summers here!

That's all for now!


  1. Hey hey :) on your postcard from Germany is a poem it says:
    A seal is laying on the beach
    and cleans its mouth in the sand of the dunes
    Oh you may your heart be as pure/sheer as this seals' mouth

    1. Thanks for the translation! I figured it would say something similar, but you never knew for sure if you don't spaek the language

  2. Pretty mail, my week was way too quiet for my taste. But I guess I have too many letters waiting for reply. ^^"

  3. You sure do get some interesting postcards. Is that mainly because of being a member of Postcrossing?

    1. I suspect Postcrossing has a lot to do with it. Outside postcrossing I mostly get notes and letters.

    2. That makes sense. I'm not a member of Postcrossing yet (not sure why I'm dragging my feet) but I am part of sendsomething. The randomness is fun :)