Wednesday, May 15

Toilet Paper Inspirations

When I don't know what to post about, I look to YouTube and see what other crazy people are doing.  My searches vary but always come up with something interesting and fun.  Here's 3 videos on toilet paper / paper crafting.

Um, I almost want to buy the book, but it feels a little weird.

Amazing, must see!  A terrific way to recycle.  Maybe not practical for mailing, but good inspiration for creating.

And finally some more practical how-to ideas!  I tried and tried to embed a YouTube video called 10 things to make out of toilet paper but alas, I could not.  I did find rampant videos on how to make mini albums out of toilet paper rolls and embedded the one that took the least amount of extras to buy. 

Take a look and think again before tossing something into the recycling.


  1. I hate to admit it, but I really have been wondering if there wasn't something I could do with those empty rolls!

    1. I know and those mini albums are up my alley!

  2. We all have this kind of material at home, what a clever way to re-use it!