Sunday, April 28

Make Something Monday: The Easy Fold

I have a well known love and hate relationship with the typical fold and send letter.  On a good note, they take less paper because they are their own envelope.  And they are easy because they are a single sheet of paper, but I often find their space limiting and boring.  I tried to jazz this one up just a bit, but it still retains that air of simplicity.

First off, you will need a sheet of thinner scrapbooking paper.  Save your beautiful heavy stuff for other projects and pick out some of the thin, not as nice paper for this.  Why, you ask?  Well if you bend the heavy nice stuff it breaks and bends all weird.
 Fold this up and open it back up.  Try to get the sides equal to bend to meet in the center.
 Grab a ruler and divide the sheet as you want along the seams.  I chose this pattern.

 Number the squares to help you person know where to read.  I also added a gift tag that I used the envelope for a different project, as something the recipient could flip open and start there.
I decided to tuck an envelope on the interior to carry small stickers and such to the recipient.

All you need to seal it up is a little washi tape!  And maybe a label on the other side and off it goes!

Not too hard right?  You can do it!


  1. I think it's a great way to use the thin scrapbooking paper from the dollar store!

  2. Cute! Did you just use a big piece of scrapbook paper??

    1. Yep, I used one out of the big pad. It folds down to an A2 sized page.

  3. Very cool. I like the whole thing, outside and inside.

  4. Cute!! I like the thought of breaking out of the standard letter format... and it's easy!

  5. neat idea :)