Wednesday, May 22

Craft Bucket List - What's on Yours?

Am I the only crazy person that has a list called "My Craft Bucket List"?  I just started it and I am excited to add things.  Slowly I am finding my footing and my creative voice, and hopefully through these projects I will better understand the dreamy world of my subconscious or at least make a few snazzy bling blings that make me and hopefully you smile.

The Bucket list is short right now but here are 5 from it

1 Make an art journal from scratch including binding it by hand
2 Make a mixed media artwork big enough to cover a small wall
3 Quill something cool
4 Properly stitch and quilt a blanket - by hand?  Do I dare get that crazy?
5 Enter a Mail art exhibit

Have you given it any thought? What's on yours?



  1. I don't know if this counts, but I'd like to try carving some of my own stamps.

    1. If it's something you want to do before you pass on, than yep, it counts!
      P.s. Still stuck on Jennibellie and she has making art stamps from recycled materials video.

  2. Well I must say that your post from yesterday inspired me. I went and bought a visual journal and have already put some color into the pages. :) (I'm not very artistic though)

    Wow number 2 on your list sounds like a huge task but very cool aspiration. I don't know what quilling is. I would love to enter a mail art exhibit and make a quilt, however, I doubt if I'd have the patience to sew by hand.

    1. Good for you! It's about self expression and experimentation so don't worry about your perception of art. I have yet to make one or start. Hopefully this summer when it gets hot and I want to be indoors i will try

  3. I have a list of embroideries , cross stitching, quilting, art mailing, and painting that will keep me busy till the end of my life, and maybe farther! :o)

  4. I have done the first one on your list! And I have to say it was very rewarding, I think I have some pictures of it somewhere on my blog... It's a junk journal made out of cardboard for the cover and back, and pages I got from class that i didn't need anymore. The spine is my favorite since I bound it with embroidery thread in several colors! It's a bit rough since it was my first book binding, but I look forward to making another!

    Quilting is definitely somewhere on my bucket list too! I'd also like to try carving some more intricate stamps, and making more awesome recycled projects!