Saturday, May 4

In the box

I have a huge backlog of mail again!  Give me nice weather and I am out digging, mowing, and generally getting dirty instead of writing.  But here is some more mail for you to see!
 A Postcrossing from China of traditional art
 A postcrsooing where two cards from the same sender arrived the same day.  The Christmas one was sent at that time.  Things that make you wonder.
 Finnish postcrossing of traditional dress
 A postcrossing from the Netherlands
You Betcha this is a USA Postcrossing
 An embellished card from Germany
 A nice note from Juli with some awesome stationery.
 Postcrossing for Germany - Michealangelo
 Mail from Craftgasm!  I am a bit jealous at her proximity to the Postal Museum
 From Emilie at Winnie's Girl.  A little catch up since her move.
 The Postmuse delivers the cat's meow.
An awesome collection of this and that from my pen friend in China.  She and I connected through Postcrossing.

Hope this finds you all well and happy!

Bonus photo:  My trees in bloom


  1. Wow, you have a nice property. One of the things I don't like about Vegas is that the yards are so small. Before moving here, my husband and I owned an acre and a half and had all kinds of fruit trees. I miss that.

  2. Nice catch again. And it looks like you have a big garden!

  3. You have to sometimes wonder where the mail is all of that time before finding its way to you. Glad you're having good weather!

  4. You have a pretty garden, where to put a table to sit and write mail!