Wednesday, April 17

In the Mail Box

It's been awhile since I showed some of the incoming so here we go! 
 A nice collage that Tara had turned into a postcard.
 A postcrossing from Holland
 A postcrossing from Russia
 A postcrossing from the Ukraine
 A postcrossing from Taiwan
 A postcrossing from the Netherlands, She included a lot of labels for me to use in collages and mail art.
 A nice card from my old friend.
 A card from Malyss! 
 From a new pen friend.  Stickers are the way to my heart!
 A nice note from my friend WD.  Including a nice New Years envelope.
 A new pen friend.  I like the old card she sent!
 Nancy sent me a card she made and a bundle of menus to reuse!
 JarieLyn made a nice envelope and wrote a good letter.
A collaged envie and some chainsaw mail from Tara!  I often get my own chainsaw out and work on my brush out back.
That's all for today!
Wishing you many letters and happiness!


  1. I'm scared to death to use a chainsaw--even the little ones!!! You are brave!

  2. great collection in your mail box!