Sunday, April 14

Make Something Monday: The Flapper

Hello all!
I had a creative burst this weekend after watching Extreme Homes on HGTV.  I did not get too funky but I liked the unusual architecture and think that some of those ideas can be borrowed for letter construction.

So today we are going to be adding flaps to the traditional note card and allow for some surprises!  This is a big project, but allows for a lot of individuality.
 I started with a simple A2 card (half of an 8 x 11, folded in half)
 I cut a piece of paper slightly smaller than the card for the front.
 I decided to use these awesome but ghoulish stickers to offset the overtly cute paper.
 This is the front of the card after I got done.  And as a side note, I must say it is getting easier and easier to throw things together!
 I made a flap with the same paper and used a roller glue, but tape and glue could be used to adhere it to the inside of the card.
 I took another piece of the same paper and a coin envelope to make a pocket.
 I did want the flap to be seen, so I opted to add ribbon to it that you can fold inside the envelope and the recipient can pull the ribbon to pop out the contents of the envelope.
 Here it is all adhered together with another monster friend.
 And now I put it on the inside of the flap.
 I made 2 flaps that fold out in opposite directions.
 I used ribbon on the back of the other flap.  If you write a long enough letter and have an extra sheet, you can tuck it in here.
 Now I recommend EVERYBODY invest in on of these cheap sets of letters so you can make your own messages.
My card says, "Get Weird or . . . I feed you to my Monsters!

Consider making these interactive type letters!  They are a great surprise and actually do not take a lot of time.  You could even just go flap crazy if you wanted.  Even without much of a plan, I made this while taking pictures in less than an hour.

Off to feed your mailboxes and my monsters!


  1. Nice idea! It makes a letter even more fun to read.

  2. Thanks. I think my daughter likes it to make. It is a funny idea.

  3. I totally agree with you about the alphabet stamp set--you can use it for so much! Great idea for the cards :)