Friday, April 12

The Mail Must Go On!

Well I am hoping that my life is settling for a bit and I can breathe some sighs of relief.  I actually spent much of the time I would be putting towards blogging into catching up on letters, and I must say I got down to one left!  Then I arrived home to a full mailbox and the cycle continues.  (Insert resigned but grinning from ear to ear smiley face here).

Do not get me wrong, I love the contact I have with many people and consider some of my deepening letter friendships to be quite rewarding!  I am lucky to have a vast support group made up of folks who known me a long time to newer friendship to friendships that are just beginning paper.  Some have spread from paper to meeting up in real life!

I also want to throw out a thanks again to the StampTramps for jumping in last second on a fill in Make Something Monday.  Everybody else had had time and a bit of previous knowledge of their impending posts, but the StampTramp did not and delivered a good quality how to!  I'll say it again and again, it is good to be a part of a creative crafting group!

Finally, I am working on some fun things and ideas to continue the blog with, but I would love to hear from folks out there on what you think works and would like to see more of, and even what I could leave out.  I have contemplated stopping posting the incoming, I feel like such a boaster at the quantity even though postcrossing greatly inflates the numbers received.  Please leave a comment or 2 on the subject!  I will of course take into consideration my abilities, time available, and talents when applying them to your ideas.

Thanks so much for your support reading the blog and for those of you who have touched my life in more tangible ways!

Wishing you a full mailbox and a fuller life!


  1. Please don't drop the incoming mail. Although I might be a bit jealous, ;) I like to take a peek in someone else's mailbox. And when you post it on your blog, it is even legal! :p

  2. Morning! I like the Make Something Mondays, especially this week's installation. I hope you reconsider about dropping your incoming posts. I get inspiration from other's mail.

  3. I actually like the incoming! It can be interesting to see what mail is being sent. I've never thought of you as boasting!

  4. I enjoy the blog as is. A mix is good though as well. Like the how to posts.

  5. The only reason I thought about dropping the incoming is 1) they are the lowest viewed and commented on posts 2) they are a lot of work! But that's okay because I secretly think seeing your mail on somebdy else's site helps full some to write more.

  6. I like the blog as is too. The Monday posts are great and I also enjoy seeing the incoming because it is also inspirational as far as creativity goes.

  7. Keep those incoming mail posts coming. Thanks.