Tuesday, April 16

Where to Go When the Words Don't Flow?

When you are looking for fresh topics to jazz up a letter, what are your go to's?
My topics I often cover are everyday life related.  People ask about the house and the blog.  Some delve into the mysteries of my earlier childhood experiences, while others like to discuss movies and television.  But when you and a new pen friend are trying to find common footing, what are your go to questions? 

My top three are
How do you like your chocolate?
What are you reading?
Make me a Pandora station that says you (3-5 bands)

But I will confess, as a question asker, I suck!  I tend to allow for free flowing conversation when some might prefer a gentle prod in a defferent direction, so I ask, what topics do you turn to keep the ink flowing?

Inquiring minds what to know!


  1. I love asking my pen pals questions! :D
    I often think of questions I would like to ask them in between letters, so I keep a notebook with a page (or two) dedicated to each person I write, and that is where I write all the questions I want to ask them. That way, if I run out of conversation topics or something, I can turn there. I like to update them on anything big going on in my life, or exciting or fun/funny, at least to me. :)
    I also might ask my pen pal where they are writing their reply to me, or what everyone around them is doing, or what they are wearing, etc. :)
    Another thing I do sometimes, is include jokes, riddles, or favorite quotes or short poems to use up a little space until I think of something else to write.

    WOW! That was a lot longer than I expected it to be! ;)

    Sarah xx

  2. How do you like your chocolate! Never thought of asking that! I ask questions like, "If you could be a superhero who would you like to be" or "Tell me about your favourite book, movie,... and give me a short version". Not the best questions either, but sometimes I get to know the most interesting things.

  3. I suggest specific questions, to the little bit information I have. Is someone interested in chocolate then I will ask: what kind? I am also very curious about everyday life with its thousand small blessings.