Tuesday, April 9

Good Idea! Confetti Letter

I read this post today about writing a confetti letter and I liked it enough to not only write one myself but to put the idea forth to all of you.  Please read David's blog on the details.
For a quick summary, you use scraps of paper and write thoughts on them.  Not a true letter as there is no page numbers.  I have received a letter like this before, but did not realize it had a name and just thought my friend was rambling, but knowing her it probably  was just randomness.  Everybody needs a quirky friend!

On a side note, there are some big and not great things going on in my life that may impede me from posting much, please be patient.

Now go write something!



  1. That's such an awesome idea, I guess I might end up using this idea for a bit!

  2. Hope things get better for you sooner than later!

  3. I'm going to write to you right now!

  4. A wonderful idea that's going on my "must try this" list right now! And I am sending you good thoughts for your current situation.