Monday, April 15

Would You Pay to Stop Getting Mail??? - Um, NO!

I ran across this little video segment and all I could think was why? 
There is a new service that would digitize all your mail for you for $5 so you do not need to touch it.

I get the idea, but I hope that it does not catch on because I do not think the digitized mail has the same intrinsic quality as the tangible.  Plus how are you going to change that trash in recycled mail art???  Not for me even after I win the lottery and become a jet setting not so starving mail artist whose only worry is from which country do I want to send my mail from.  Aahhh, the dreams we dream . . .



  1. Perish the thought! I must have mail<3

  2. I totally agree with you!and I like your dream very much! :o)