Friday, April 19

Oops! I Did It Again: Retail Therapy

Well I gone and did it!  I broke my "no more new stationery this year" rule.  Things were going along so well.  I was doing, well . . .um . . . okay there were a few slips before this but all thrift store related and do those REALLY count?  But when a girl gets stressed, you cannot blame for seeking comfort in a few small purchases, and since this girl has size too big feet and fashion sense that includes wearing yoga pants everywhere, well she spends her money on pretty paper!  And at a discount no less! 
I went to TJ Maxx, "just to see" and walked out with a shopping cart full of  . . . .
 Paper pads on clipboards with pens!
 A canister full of Papyrus postcards!
 Keep Calm and Write on pad!
 Taxi's on grid paper!  Really cute!
 Some plain but cute cards and so far each thing has cost $4.99 each.  Not bad, I have had better deals.  Such as . . .
These art postcards - 2 boxes for $3 total!  They had weird shapes and were by a fashion designer, but the name slips me today.  I think they were a score.

I hope these hold me over for a long time!


  1. I hear you! It's so hard to try to wait until you use up all of your stationery (is that really even possible???) You need different sizes and some with lines and then some without and some cards and some loose sheets and it just goes on and on. So, yes, I get it and I say it's okay :)

  2. I am seriously going to try to not buy any paper for awhile. I have enough notecards to stock my own stationery store. it's bad. It looks like you got some great stuff. I like the postcards and the canister. I also very much like TJ MAXX

    1. Lol we could go into business together and make it a stationery superstore! I tell you, it seems inocuous and then you realize "OMG! I'm a hoarder!"

  3. You did well! Nothing better than to find pleasure in some errrands, whatever you may buy! I wish I had such a shop around here to do the same !

  4. I keep buying things when I'm feeling down too. I have a small addiction for blanc greeting cards now. I do use them, but I have more than I need at the moment... Love the things you got!

  5. It's difficult not to buy stationary if you foind such great things. :) I'm still have a prohibition to buy writing paper/stickers, but I know if I found something than I can't resist it. :)

  6. Its hard to buy nothing ;-) I love the things on the first pic. beautiful!

  7. Love Papyrus stuff! And clipboards... OMG CLIPBOARDS! : )

  8. Nice score!!

    I am most jealous of the Papyrus and art postcards! I would have walked out of the store with the same things! and no, thrift stores don't count! ;)

  9. Ha - I love retail therapy too. Nice to see someone else share my passion :) Great deals here

  10. Maybe we have to switch location. You wouldn't have any problems not to bay anything for a while over here. I would love to have some more stuff I could choose from when I'm in need of some writing paper. I love the keep calm paper! The others are great too!

  11. Everyone needs a healthy dose of retail therapy once in awhile. I recently scored some great note paper and envelopes with an office supply order.