Wednesday, October 10

Vacation and a Contest

Vacation means escape, get away, and hopefully recharge.  One can hope these will all occur over the next few days as I travel north to the New England coast.  As many of the pen friends know, I have been working hard on the house and job this summer, so time off is going to be great!

While I am gone, I am going to leave this up as a challenge and a reminder.

The Challenge

I found a second Post Secret book at the same thrift store where I found a the first one.  I was looking for a good time to give it away, so here it is.  Send me a hand made post card with a "secret".  It does not have to be as somber as the ones in the book or on the Post Secret website, and remember this blog is family friendly.  I would like to have all the entries received before the November 2nd - the weekend of the Central PA letter social.  I will be taking them with me to the letter social to show some examples of mail art to passersby, and the winner will be picked there.
Mail your entries to me at

P.O. Box 613
Nazareth, PA 18064

You may want to include some contact info for me to track you down easier!  Which brings me to the second part of the post.

The Reminder

When: November 3rd,  1-4pm

Where: The Midtown Scholar in downtown Harrisburg, PA

Why:  To support mail and socialize with other like minded individuals!  Come out and enjoy a fun hobby in a great space with creative people!

Until we meet again, keep writing and sharing your love of letters!


  1. Hmmmmmm. A secret. Hmmmmm.........

  2. hello. are you Becky from USA who sent me an Ad card regarding lamps ? :) this is Shivani from India, Postcrosser with user ID Shivani :)

    PS : nice blog :D

    1. Yes this is the same! I am glad you found me and hope you will keep joining us.

  3. interesting blog :)

    here's a secret for you. you will receive a reminder in your mail very soon !

    until then, i will remain anonymous.

    have a great day :)