Wednesday, October 17

The Littlest State and a Big Vacation

I am back from vacation and had a great time visiting the littlest state of Rhode Island.  It is a pretty little state filled with sailing, ocean views, and history.  A big part of my trip was spent in Newport, RI doing the tourist thing of seeing the Newport Mansions

These mansions were built at the end of the Victorian gilded age and are stunning.  They are very ostentatious and elaborate.  Unfortunately no photography was allowed in the interior spaces.  But here are a few of the different places we saw in photos.
Downtown Wharf in Newport

The Elms Mansion Entrance

A fountain on the Elms property.  I loved the haunting eyes!

Along the scenic ocean drive

Fort Adams at sunset

The Breakers is the most popular and visited house.  I loved the tourist peaking into the play house.  I can image the children who played there doing the same! 

Rosecliff side garden.  I liked the whimsy of the bather statue

Rosecliff is gaurded by a pair of these.

The toll bridge that extends into Newport from Western Rhode Island.  It is actually quite large and long!
While in RI I connected with an old friend and a pen pal Tara- dactyl at Hello Life.  It was great to see them both!   Hope neither was too shaken by the earthquake today.  I heard it was very mild so no worries.

For now, happy travels my friends!

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  1. Yay! Glad you are home safe. I had a ton of fun hanging out with you! Although I head about it, I did not feel the earthquake.