Thursday, October 25

Antique Postcard Surprise

My mom lives near the HWY 127 and frequently makes it to the endless garage sale that runs along the highway through several states. A few years ago she snagged me a Olivetti Underwood typewriter.  This year she brought me a box of vintage postcards.  The kicker is half of these are blank!  Score!
The box full

tons of vintage cards.  I have seen similar Niagara Fall cards being sold for $5 a piece, so Mom did good at $10 for the box!

I will be framing this one!

Early mail art!  Way before it was vogue or the term was even coined.

Some more images, these were the written on stack.

And finally a few from a coworker.  She decided to buy me some on a recent family outing!  The Boolesque is obviously an ad, but I like ad cards just fine.
Awesome stash!


  1. What an awesome find and quite a steal. Love them. I like the Ad cards.

  2. My dream! that someone offers me such a treasure! How lucky you are!!