Tuesday, October 23


Well folks, today I was going to post my received mail but my camera batteries died, so until that can be corrected, I wanted to take a moment to mention the amazing connections we all have to each other as a group that actively writes letters and seeks out others that do the same.
I got an email of thanks from Daniel for some postcards.  I like random acts of mailing and happen to see his pot on send something with a very sad addendum saying that Venezuela currently has no outgoing mail.  There is some issue with their mail system/ postal budget.  He can receive, just not send.
Funny thing is the same day my letter arrives, so does one from the Post Muse! I had to chuckle.  Just so happens the Post Muse and I are working on a Letter Social together, so small world isn't it! 
Check out Daniel's Blog for more details on the Venezuela Postal System and to see the post about the mail received.

Just something to think about on this gloomy day with no camera!
My Bests,

P.S. Make sure to check in next week as I am working on a big, no huge, mail extravaganza featuring something I love!

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  1. Thanks a lot for mentioning my blog and our postal service problem :( At this moment, we can't send to any American country, but we still can to the rest of the world. I sent an email to one of their regional managers, and she said that the problem will be solved by December 25th, I hope she's right :)