Thursday, October 4

This is a Test of My Seasonal Preparedness!

The longer I hang out with talented card makers, I think, "I can do this!  I can make my own holiday cards for the different holidays!"  The only problem is I usually run out of time before I ever have a real chance to start.  But not this year, this year I decided to start early!

First Step:  Assess what you have!
I started by assorting my holiday themed cards to see what I had at pre-purchased and what I would need to make some of them.  (The seasons I send cards are Halloween, Thanksgiving, the Christmas/ New Year cluster, and Valentine's Day).  Unfortunately they are a bit of a cluster for the creatively challenged like myself.
Christmas, it's safe to say is off the list this year and probably next year as well.

Second Step:  Assess the materials you need!
This is different than the materials you think you need, unfortunately I have a hard time making the call and get a bit carried away at the craft store.

Third Step:  Design patterns you can actually tackle.   When in a rut, I recommend looking at the Project Write Home template design section or going on Pinterest.  There are also several craft magazines on line and tons of creative crafters all over the world that have images of their work on their blogs.  Remember, mimicry can be a form of flattery!

Fourth Step:  Have a glass of wine and let your ambitions slip away, then run out of time and go buy cards anyway!  Hopefully this doesn't happen, but such is life when it does.  Luckily there are plenty of beautiful pre-made cards for the well meaning with time management issues!

Who's with me!?!  Hopefully you get some motivation and avoid the wine!

Happy making!

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  1. haha, that's about my process too, especially about the glass of wine and the ambition slipping away. That's me to a T!