Sunday, August 5

Shhh it's a secret!

Hello all,
I had a great day yesterday.  On my way to the orchard for peaches, I stopped at a thrift store that I usually have very little luck at.  But as soon as I walked through the door, I spied a delicious book!
It's the Post Secret book!  If you are not familar, this is a project that was started as a public art project.  Basically people were encouraged to send in hand made postcards with a secret on it. 
Feel a need to confess?  To get something out of your soul?  Grab some materials and make a statement.  If you are not in need of confession, than take a look at what others have sent in.
The front page was ripped out, but all the stickers were still present.  I wonder if the page being ripped out is due to some sordid secret?  Did it have an inscription that made its recipient so distressed that they tore out the page and tossed it in the donation box?  Did one of the postcards in the book contain a secret that the giver had sent in?  If only it would confess!

Rarely do I ever find any stationery worthwhile at this particular store, but today, bolstered by the above find, I looked.  The only thing stationery at all was this set of bagged bits and pieces.  I could not really peak, so for less than $2, I thought "Why Not?"
Above are some freindship and get well cards.
Below is a huge stack of neato!
I have a love/ hate relationship with fold overs and there were a good 20 or more in the bag. 
And finally some books.  I think I may have to reuse the already in shambles car picture.  And did I mention that all the itemes with white tags were half priced?  So for less than $10, I got some goodies!

Happy Hunting!


  1. I love the Post Secret books! I own them all, but the couple of time I've come across them at thrift stores, I still pick them up, and have passed them on to people I know will love them.

  2. I stopped at my local thrift store today....came home empty handed.... Guess yours has all the good stuff!!!

    1. the one in Hellertown is usually a bust.

  3. Awesome finds! :) I've never heard of the post secret books...very interesting ^^

  4. No secrets books here :(
    But I find the idea fabulous, it's interesting to read!! and sometimes very sad..
    I like when you find so much things, here we have not such stores with so different and cheap things.