Saturday, October 27

More on the In

Mary Has Sound sent me this package of goodies and a probable "yes" on the head count for the letter social next Saturday in Harrisburg! Yay!

Melissa of Craftgasm sent me a nice note and a maybe for the head count for the letter social.  Darn transportation issues!

CC sent me this wonderful cigar card!  I have never seen stationery like this and if I did I would buy it up!  But luckily my ban on buying is going, well . . .okay, I'll do a post soon to update on that answer more.

From the mailbox of Juli.  I think more people correspond with her than I could comprehend!

A postcrossing from Poland

A postcrossing from Belarus I believe, but I love the traditional dress!

A few card from Nancy of the Stamp Tramps!  I liked the Monster stamp as well.  I think its safe to say it's her favorite time of year.  Don't worry Nancy, you can send these to me all year round, I won't judge!

A Russian postcrossing

Loved this cat gondolier postcrossing!

Oy Vey!  I didn't realize this was blurry postcard pic of a nice postcrossing!

Dear postcrossers, why do you hate multiviews???  I think this one is well done.  Dutch I believe of on of the islands around the Netherlands.

 I about fell off my chair when I got this letter!  It's one from my niece and the first correspondence I think she has ever sent me!  Maybe its in the genes and has been passed along???  One can hope I can get her mind open to a world of possibilities through our correspondence.
A nice postcrossing.  I think I have seen this particular picture a thousand times though.

A nice Polish postcrossing.  I do not care how my postcards get here  - in an envelope, without one.  Just use some nice stamps and send it the way you want yours.  Not that inquiring minds asked, just a general public announcement.

A lovely letter from Juli.  I think this came first. 

Remember the Halloween card from a friend who sometimes writes, 2 notes from her in a week??? Is mailing contagious? One can only hope!

This was a nice bundle from WD.  As per usual (and I am extremely grateful for it) a stamp pf the Royals! The letter is in the lower folded piece that says "start here"  It weaves in and out of a wallet like folded holder.  Always the creative one that WD is!  Origami is my cryptonite.  I am a bit special with no natural ability to draw a straight line or fold a straight one either!
I did warn this may stretch out over a few post, but who does not like looking at pretty mail?!? 

And remember the secret to a full mailbox is "Send a lot, to get a lot!"


  1. I'm addicted to looking at pictures of pretty mail. Stretch it out as long as you can. :)

    As far as the postcrossers go, I don't understand about the multi views either. I think they are just fine. I'm also baffled by no one wanting to receive ad cards. I bought a bunch of ad cards at an antique store last week (before I knew everybody disliked them) and I thought they were great. They are unique (even though they were free at one time). To each his own I suppose. I love all mail though and am happy to get anything.

    1. You are welcome to send me ad cards any time. I picked up a bunch a year ago at the Morvaian college student art exhibit- still love them

  2. I'm worrying: I don't see any of the cards I sent to you. I hope i sent them to the right address..I wrote before leaving, then sent you a card from London, an other from Poland.

    1. I haven't recieved them. I am sending out a postcard tomorrow to you because I thought you forgot me, lol. I will email you my current address.

  3. Got a new follower on Twitter who linked over to my blog from yours! Can I get more info on the letter writing social on Saturday? Place and time??

    1. Saturday Nov 3rd, 1pm to 4 pm at HArrisburg in the Midtown Scholar Bookstore and I would love to see you there! I will post again this week on the letter social so stay tuned.