Sunday, October 21

Going Postal - Decorating

Hello all,
Since I live alone except for the furry menaces, I get to chose my styling.  I finally found the finishing pieces to make my little conversation area scream about my obsession. 

The pillows are found hit or miss at Marshalls and TJ Maxx.  The magnificent although not very functional mailbox (which can be wall mounted) was found at Hobby Lobby!  Absolutely love that piece.  It probably will find another home eventually but for right now the bratty catties have left it alone and if they do knock it over, its metal so we should be okay.  On the table is a recent acquisition, a postcard appraisal book from the thrift store.  It is not overly helpful, but interesting.

Please ignore the eighties decor around the space, the house is a fixer and I have yet to fix much!   Working on it in my head.

Happily Going Postal,


  1. I love your postal decoration! those cushions are really fabulous, and your mail box definitively unic!
    I also looked at your travel pictures. You had a great time here; Between work, deco and trip, you must be so busy, and yet you find time to write and blog..You must be well organised , or do you come from an other planet?! :o))

  2. You are way too kind. I feel like I do not get anything done and organized is not a word I would use to describe myself! LOL