Friday, October 19

Telling History with the Help of Postcards

The second part of my vacation was a quick excursion into Massachusetts to visit the New Bedford Whaling Museum.  I have read a lot about New Bedford in various novels and thought this was an excellent side trip.  Eventually I want to visit all 50 states and this is a nice step into this state.
 The large model ship that extends almost 3 stories up its in a wing of the museum.
 Some postcards showing the history of the Portuguese people in settling the New Bedford area and how they were a big part of the whaling industry.
 A view from the Whaling Museum's overlook.  This port is still one of the busiest in the USA as far as fishing and amount of catch brought in.
Some more postcards that help tell the story of the whaling industry and the immigrants that settled here.
It's amazing what you can learn about history from an old postcard!

Happy Travels!

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