Saturday, October 27

Upside to Vacation: A Full Letterbox!

There are parts of our routine that often get thrown off while we are on vacation.  Although vacation in my opinion is vital for growth, both mentally and spiritually.  Nonetheless, getting back into the rut of routine can take a few days.  One of the things I missed was checking my mailbox.  I knew I would have some items awaiting my return, but is it not the sweetest thing when you open the box and see oodles of postcards and letters????  Apparently all the postcrossing came in at the same time!
Please enjoy the bounty presented and remember the P.O. Box is open for mail art entries!
Incoming  (this may take a few posts)
A nicely collaged envelope from Tara at Hello Life.  I had the chance to meet her while I was up in the Rhode Island area.

Some Washi embellishments from CKB who I will get to meet in a month

A hand drawn postcard from Russia on Postcrossing

A letter from Troy.  Always such lovely handwriting.

A Postcrossing from Spain

Wisconsin- add it to my list of state postcards thanks to postcrossing

Critters playing from Russia - Postcrossing

An exchange from MM on Sendsomething, I asked her from an envelope template that she was using. 

Halloween card from a friend who doesn't write often, but that's okay, I still fill her mailbox with love.

From Guiliana - A Brazilian mail artist
The next 3 look similar because they are from the same person! LR McArthur of the Elevated Envelope and I have been corresponding over a shared TV show.  These last 3 represent the last 3 episodes of Project Runway, Season 10.  Now on to All-Stars and I hope the return to color!

Outgoing box
I literally just got a new outgoing box!  I could not resist since it had the name of my old college town on it.
Found at Hobby Lobby here in PA.  I thought it was rather strange to find here of all places!

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