Sunday, July 29

In The Box 2

Whew!  I have been writing up a storm today and finally I feel like I have enough for a second post.  But do not worry, I am going to get all caught up this week if I can!  Of course I may be parse on posting, but its a trade off.  There are only so many hours in the day!
This is from the ever lovely Hannah!  I really like this stationery and the bits she sent with!
An Annabelle original!
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From the one and only Juli!
A Bianca Jagoe Postcard by way of the Piccadilly Post!  We are all one big happy family.
Thanks MP for adding to the postcard collection!  Slowly I am getting one from each state.  I want the state name on the front of it and MP has sent me a few from down her way!

A nice note from the Post Muse.  She is more associated with postcards, but she also writes lovely letters!
Above and below are from LR (Envelope Chronicles)  We will probably be exchanging notes more frequently since our favorite show "Project Runway" is in its tenth season!  Make it Work!

Above and below are from some new Send Something. net friends.  Clara and Mendy both found me there.

A nice note from MH. Also a send something friend. We just celebrated our 1 yr writing in May! 

And finally but by no means least, is a wonderful thank you note from a coworker.  Does she know what she started?  LOL

I hope this finds you all writing lots or if not, at least enjoy your summer to the fullest!

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  1. Received the postcards today. Thanks so much!!