Saturday, July 21

Thrifty Finds

Dear friends,
I have a confession.  I have become picky in my stationery tastes.  I am not as free with my money when it comes to stationery even at discount prices.  But every now and again  . . . . I find stuff. 
This was my latest haul from Goodwill.
A brand new box of Stamp It! Background stamps

An interesting set of old gift wrap papers.  I am totally using the folder as an envelope after the paper is all gone.

Toy story stickers to go with the stamps.  I know some young writers who should be happy seeing these!

A huge stack of vellum paper (see through)
A nice boxed set of Mulberry paper complete with a natural wood pencil. 

A very weird and interesting set of color by number stationery by Mohawk papers.  The envelopes were made of linen and the paper was a nice heavy grade.  I figured for less than a dollar, I would take it home.  I know from experience it will take ink well, but such an odd theme and this is how it came. 

I hear of great things being found daily at thrift stores, so make sure to stop in and take a look!
Happy Writing!


  1. I'm always surprised at the amount of nifty stationery you find at thrift stores! I have yet to go to any thrift stores out here but, in Vegas, I could never find anything.

  2. Wow! I never find anything nice at our local Goodwill. I love the stamps and the gift wrap...lucky you! :)

  3. Boy, my GoodWill stinks compared to yours......