Wednesday, July 25

A Muppet Spam Kind of Day!

What do Muppets and Spam have to do with each other?  Well, I was just at Target and found the most amazing stuff in the dollar bins!  Normally Target is a big miss when it comes to finding something good in the dollar bins area, but every now and again, I find the coolest things!
The store has been working on bringing back old advertisements and the branding has been used in new ways.  Most of you know that I love inventive advertising and food items have some of the more memorable pieces.
First off, Spam!  At a dollar each, I got several.

I remember my parents trying to feed me this stuff well it was a cheaper option.  Now its actually fairly expensive and I will only eat their turkey version IF I had little other choice.  But in general I am not a big meat or dairy girl.
They also had a few journals and pens displaying the Icee brand logo.  I do not remember these as well and never really enjoyed Slurpees or Icees like most people my age partly because I grew up so rural.

I also grew up with the Muppets!  I loved watching them and whoever was their guest singer for the day.  Gonzo messing up, Kermit making it work, and Miss Piggy being diva-licious!

Just so happen I know a lot of other Muppet lovers and thought I would stock up so as to better share.
Then some aweome sticky notes and miscellaneous!

For a buck a piece, this is a thrifty way for the new writer to bulk up the stationery collection.  I have a feeling these will not be great for the fountain penners.  Cheap paper usually does not take ink great.

Enjoy and relish your inner child every day!


  1. Aaaaah super cute! I love the Muppets! <3 Spam not so much ;-) LOL

  2. I see I'm not the only one who had a ball at the Target dollar section this week! :)

  3. My daughter could kill you to get this handbook with Kermite! :o)

  4. Hmm....where have I seen these lately? Oh that's right, in my mailbox!

  5. Hi, I am not on Sendsomething but would like to write to you... can I email you?

    1. Sure you can write. I try not to leave my address hanging out there just because I like to maintain a 1 month turn around. My address pops up on the blog every now and again.
      P.O. Box 613
      Nazareth, PA 18064