Tuesday, July 17

A Tour in Postcards

Over the fourth of July I did a lot of memorable activities.  So let's review some of my travels in postcards and ephemera.

First off: There was a visit to Doylestown and a stop at my favorite antique consignment shop.  These are reproduction airstream postcards and some vintage stamps.  The Picadilly post has already  received and voted them as awesome! 
While in Dolyestown, one really must take the opportunity to visit one of the 3 Mercer structures. (Mercer Museum, Fonthill, or the Moravian Tile Works)  And if headed north from there, consider stopping in at the Ringing Rocks State Park.  This a unique geological feature!
Next I went to the Crayola Fun Factory with some young friends.  I got to relive a high school favorite project of painting with melted crayons. 
my creation - a tiger frog

Then we were off to the downtown Bethlehem area and I got to buy more of my favorite bookmarks at the Oldest Continuously Running Bookstore in the World.
Used stamps repurposed

And we stopped to eat at the local brew works.  MMM blueberry beer was on tap.
This pic is of the fall line up

Then to the underground - literally!  Crystal Cave is not too far from Bethlehem and a nice place to go on a super hot day.  It's always cool underground!

Last we were off to Pennsylvania's original tourist attraction.  Roadside America!  Where postcards are still only 25 cents and little boys can operate trains with a touch of a button!

I went to a few other places, but its always best to share my travels via the postcards and materials I pick up along the way!
Happy travels and mailing my friends!

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