Saturday, July 28

In the Box

I post a general apology to all my letter writing compadres out there, this lady has been enjoying her summer and slow to respond.  This weekend has brought me a good burst of replying energies!  I hope the trend continues!
These next 3 images are from Malyss!  So sorry for the slow turn around!
Cicadas - they hopefully won't sing for another month here!
Stickers for me!  And Stationery - how do you people know what I like???

A nice house warming card from my aunt.  I get the writing gene from my Dad's side!

Above and below is a nice letter from LV. I loved the back mailbox motif

Zombie Mail from the creative crafter Neezer at the Stamp Tramps

A new pen friend note.  Those Canadians are such good letter writers!

Troy's home!  Time to write him!

A postcard from DD and  his big mailing!

Rachel's also back!  I hope her summer goes well!

A nice postcard from Shana who was featured in last weekend's blog for her continued support!

A wonderful package from Aida! I always love the cultural exchange!

A wonderful art piece from Guiliana in Brazil.  She is one of the Mail Art 365 mail artist.  Love her work!

Well I have more, but I'll see how much more I get replied to this weekend to hopefully add to it.
My Best,


  1. I'm glad that everything arrived well and pleased to you! Happy writing!

  2. You're supposed to enjoy the summer so don't apologize for it!