Sunday, July 22

A Friend Filled Art Trip

Hello Folks,
I have made it no secret that I like to frequent art museums.   My friend here and I have a hard time getting our schedules to sync, but this weekend not only did she and I make it to Philadelphia, (Philly), but I got to catch up with a long time supporter of this blog.  My good friend Shana who I have known for years and makes every attempt to write me back happened to be in Philly as well!  Super bonus!
We all know a friend from our every day life that writes back is worth their weight in gold!
She met us for lunch at the museum's restaurant and then we walked to see the tiny but nice Rodin Museum. 
love all the art deco details in the building
It was a short but sweet visit!
And the best thing about art museums are the gift shops.  I kept myself restrained in my purchases, but I still got some goodies.
The postcard packs were extremely responsible - 2 packs for $10

Except the Ben Franklin saying one - it costs more, but I have plans for these!

Then some budget stationery that showcased some more contemporary artwork.

A few rather expensive but beautiful Frida Kahlo 3-D cards.  I love how vivid they looked.  I am not sure you will get the same effect from the photo.

And finally an intriguing book.  The pages are plastic and the pictures are beautiful.  I was not familiar with this artist but am reminded in his work of an illuminations quality to them. 

Well that's all for now.  I hope you too are making the most of your weekends!

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