Sunday, July 15

Incoming Mail

Hello all,
I figured I would try to break some of my blog block by getting the incoming posted.  Hopefully I'll have more to post next week (which means I better get replying!)
First a couple of send something surprise.  I received these at the same time from 2 new people.  Above Mary from Canada and below Wendy from Ireland. (My first from the Green Isle!)
Wendy had decided to celebrate her 30th birthday with sending out 30 random letters to 30 strangers and see what comes back to her!  Well Wendy, I hope my well wishes arrived in a timely fashion. 
Above and below are some belated birthday cards.
a postcard from Juli

A postcard from the Picadilly Post
A card from Melissa at Craftgasm
From the PostMuse
A nice letter from Tara at Hello Life

And that's why I love mail, its a tangible connection to others in the worlds.
My Best,

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