Monday, July 18

Fold Overs that Rock - (Well fly and float)

Hello all,
Many of my long time readers may remember my fold-over January and Febuary months.  I do not like fold overs very well but I think they could be very ecological, in that they only use a single sheet of paper for the note and envelope. 
Well I found these butes at Marshall's (again)
These notes had notes and diagrams on how to turn them into other things.
Fly away with a paper airplane

Sail away on a boat
They do come with envelopes but could easily be folded and mailed.

And finally - A mailbox and Fortune!  What do they have to do with the other two?  Well  I found them all at Marshalls and they are all made by the same extraordinary company, Potter Style

With a list of you choose fortunes
Not really transformative, but cool and you can customize!

I must admit I've seen these all before at art shops and decor stores, but I was never willing to pay the $15/ box for them.  I got them all for $3.99/ box- much better for this stationery addict on a budget.
I hope this finds your mailboxes running over with mail!


  1. I am so jealous! Those are all beauties! I wish our Marshall's had great stationery. I hunt and hunt, but I'm always disappointed. I usually have good luck at Tuesday Morning though. Feel better!

  2. All gorgeous! The cards with the mailboxes are especially darling!