Friday, July 29

Some Inspiration

Hello all-
Recently I feel like I want to grow and do more making of my own stationery.  So I trekked down to the library to scout out the paper crafts section.  I also looked around at a few bookstores and here are some of my recent inspirations.
First book was found at the Moravian Bookstore and its on the old art of papercutting.  Apparently both the Germans and Japanese have a long history in this art form.  Who knew?!?
Next was an accidental stumble!  Mr. Matisse in his old age and poor health turned to paper art! Hmmm- not a terribly hard thing to mimic and very beautiful fluid imagery!

Here's my attempt- a postcard to my lovely Chantel!

Then I found these lovely books at the local discount chain and they make me smile.
The collage book looked crappy and cheap at first glance.  I was looking at it last weekend wondering why did I buy this- then I looked inside and was very very happy to find a plethora of ideas!  The book gives both the history on the artist and demonstrates how to create a work inspired from their art work.  I found Mr. Matisse here again!

The second book is a sassy card making book.  These cards aren't your traditional but very fun.  I'm not sure how many of their designs that I will recreate, but it's interesting!

So next time you find yourself short of motivation- remember that you don't have to spend a lot or go very far, just look around for a good book!
Any other points of inspiration out there!?!

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  1. This may sound silly, but I always like thumbing through cheapo coloring books at the dollar store. The more basic the better. Some have really great designs. They give me ideas on how to simplify a complicated subject.

    The other source I refer to often is clip art on-line. It serves the same purpose - how to simplify. I tend to get too caught up in details and get overwhelmed.